Have you ever wanted to learn how to train horses? This is a unique opportunity to become involved in an exciting project involving the training of three young therapy horses. You will have the opportunity to hone your practical skills working with three miniature horses while learning the theory behind natural horse behaviour, how horses learn and how they communicate. They may be miniature in size, but on the inside they are as much horse as the largest horse you will meet.

These classes will be of interest to anyone who wants to learn how to train.  You may be a horse owner who has always owned ready trained horses and never had experience of working with youngsters. Or perhaps you ride in a riding school and never get the opportunity to do any actual training at all. Perhaps you are interested in the use of horses in therapy work and would like to learn more about the ethics of their use and the types of welfare issues that can arise with inappropriate training/ preparation/ use. Or maybe you are a trainer of another species, such as dogs, who wants to learn how training skills can transfer.

The miniature horses belong to registered charity, the Mae Murray Foundation and are being prepared, in an ethical way that pays close attention to equine welfare, for work within the Equi-Zone, which is the first phase of the long term project, N-Clusion Zone, launching later in 2016. To learn more about the Mae Murray Foundation, please visit their Facebook page MaeMurrayFoundation or look out for the new website launching in the New Year,

Training sessions are just outside Hillsborough, Co. Down and begin on Thursday 14th January and will run once a week from 9.30-11am. Cost to attend is £10 per session. Places are limited and must be prebooked each week. This includes the opportunity to work with a partner with the horses under supervision of an experienced trainer, followed by tea/ coffee and a question/ answer session. In order to reserve your place please contact Dr Helen Spence on 07773 157428/ email