My favourite thing out of all the many varied aspects of my job is working with foals. They are filled with curiosity, like little sponges ready to absorb life experience. My job is to teach them all the skills they need in order to be pleasant, manageable and safe adult horses, yet still retain that joyful openness and confident curiosity.

One of my regular clients has a newborn colt foal. She has already started laying some great foundations with him, but she has kindly invited me to come and have a little play with him myself and at the same time teach the rest of you a little about how best to handle foals, in terms of both ethics and effectiveness.

This workshop will take place near Keady, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, on Saturday 27th June, from 10.30am to 3pm. Cost for the day will be £30, we will make this workshop as interactive and fun as possible, and if appropriate you will be able to assist with training. You will get a little booklet on foal handling to take home. There will be an emphasis on training with rewards and gentleness, but you will also be shown how to establish safe boundaries. Places are limited, and a deposit of £10 will be required to secure your place.  In order to book, please call me on 07773 157428 or email  :-).