Caffrey during our first training session in July 2014

Beginning Friday 19th September at 10.30am, cost £5 per person.

Over the coming weeks I’m delighted to say Lorraine Hutchinson has kindly invited me to continue my training sessions with the gorgeous Caffrey. Caffrey was rescued by Lorraine some four years ago, very thin and weak and badly traumatised. Lorraine nursed him back to health and with love and kindness has brought him to the point that they can halter and lead him. Now he’s ready to continue his education and learn that he can trust more than just a select few people. During the summer I did two short sessions with Caffrey, establishing a relationship with him and starting to build a foundation and now I’m looking forward to building on that over the coming weeks. I’m going to be working with him once a week and these sessions will be open for you to come along and spectate. During this time I hope to show just how to change fear into trust, avoidance into confidence and curiosity, how to create relaxation while still having an attentive, polite, interested horse.

You will be interested in/ enjoy these sessions if you want to know more about starting young horses/ rehabilitating traumatised horses. You will also find them a good demonstration of how food can be effectively used in horse training, and how a marker signal such as a clicker can be a useful tool. No matter what your level of experience, you should learn something useful. Throughout the sessions I will be explaining what I am doing and why, pointing out the subtleties of body language and communication, discussing learning theory and equine ethology, welfare, safety issues and the ethics of training.

I have a psychology degree, a PhD on the influence of owner personality and attitude on the behaviour and temperament of the domestic horse, and many years of practical experience teaching and training. Visit for more information about me and my work :-).